The Summer Slow Down: How to Provide the Same Level of Customer Service During Vacation Season

As the summer months approach, you’ve likely been thinking about scheduling, or even approving vacation time for your team so that they can get some well deserved R & R. Many businesses perceive summer as a time when business slows down, which may be true in some departments, but not in the Customer Service department.

How to Make Your Customers Feel Heard, Even While Collecting Their Information

Every phone call from a customer in an opportunity to delight them and retain their business. Even if they are calling with a complaint or frustration, you and your staff have the ability to create a positive outcome that will inspire your customers to continue to do business with your organization. What’s the secret? Actually,

No More IDK: How to Respond to Questions You Don’t Know the Answer To

It has happened to all of us working in the customer service field… a customer asks a question that you just don’t know the answer to. Sometimes it catches you off guard and you’re stumped. Or, perhaps you have an idea of what you think the answer should be, but you’re not completely sure. One

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