Why You Need Customer Feedback For Business Growth

When you seek to understand your customers experience in its entirety, you find ways to improve your go-forward approach armed with information, rather than just “best guesses.” This information is key to business growth as great customer experiences make loyal customers. (No surprise there!) So, is your business asking your customers for feedback on an

It’s Time to Plan for Holiday Absences!

It’s officially fall! You’ve survived summer vacation, and everyone in the office is feeling refreshed and ready to refocus and be productive. Finally. Don’t get too comfortable in what seems like the luxury of a fully staffed team. It’s time to look ahead and start planning for this year’s holiday absences. December is just a

5 Tips For Creating An Excellent Phone Experience

Could You Improve Your Phone Skills?  Not every call will be a customer. In fact, many calls are a complete waste of time. How does that affect how you answer the phone? When a phone call comes in, there is a mystery at hand. Who is calling and what do they want? Is it another

How to Save Your Customers Time

What is one thing that many people would say is more valuable to them than money? TIME. One of the best ways to create a loyal customer is to not only offer exceptional service, but to do it in a way that is efficient and saves your customer time. From purchase to customer support, it’s

Improve Your Telephone Listening Skills in 5 Minutes

It can happen to even the best customer service associate – day dreaming. A wandering mind. An innocent interruption. With so many possible distractions at work, it can sometimes be difficult to focus on, and really listen to, customer on the telephone. Here are some quick tips to help you focus all of your energy and

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