10 Important Customer Survey Questions

In a previous blog, we outlined the main reasons why it is so important to request feedback from your customers, current and past. The overarching theme being; the more you understand about the customer experience, the more opportunity you have to grow. Hopefully we’ve convinced you that it’s time to start asking for feedback from

If You’re Ready, They Will Buy.

Does the phone play any part in your business? If so, this is very important. 60% of sales are made on the first call. And the other 42% won’t call back if you make a bad first impression. Based on this, ask yourself the following questions: How are my calls being answered? Could that be improved? How

How to Excel as a Customer Service Representative

What does it take to excel as a customer service provider? How can one person create a successful customer experience that not only meets the needs of the customer, but delights them as well? (Without sacrificing consistency and company policy, that is.) We’ll tell you! The individuals on any customer service team can make or

How to Win Back a Lost Customer

Most businesses and organizations have a customer life cycle. Sometimes customers move on simply because they no longer need the services of a business that they are generally quite happy with – not a bad way to lose business if they have to go. But most often customers are lost because they are dissatisfied with,

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