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North America’s Fast-Answering, Technologically Advanced,
Budget-Stretching, Best Partner You’ve Ever Had Answering Service

How we turned the call centre industry upside down with phenomenal service,
client-friendly pricing, and the finest trained, happiest phone representatives in the nation.

Select Call Is The Most Responsive, Reliable, Locally Owned
and Operated, Award-Winning Service In Alberta


How Select Call Centre Started From A Small Family-Owned Single Location To Become One Of The Premier,
Most Decorated Phone Answering Services In The Nation

There was a need for a different kind of call centre. Too many were plagued with high costs, long wait times, insufficient technologies and reporting capabilities, and poorly trained customer service representatives. So, back in 1969, the Bidewell family started up Select Communications Inc. in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since then, Select has been a standard bearer in the call centre industry, and their family’s proud contribution to society.

Service, reliability, and integrity are the foundations on which Select was built, and those same virtues continue to the present day. Select still holds to the values upon which it was founded, and despite the significant growth, it remains a local family business, currently managed by the second generation of Bidewells.

The Average Customer Service Representative Has Been With Select Call For 7 Years Or More

Few industries have higher turnover rates than call centres, but not here at Select Call. We seek out the best people for the job, and then treat them with the respect and dignity based on the golden rule. Over the years, the idea of family at Select has gone beyond blood relations. Many of the team members at Select have been here for many years, finding a symbiotic relationship between their desire to help people on a daily basis, and the platform that Select provides.

Our Systems Are Powered By The Latest Technologies And Advantages Innovation Can Afford, And We Use Them All To Your Advantage

We haven’t just survived in the telecom answering service industry – we’ve thrived! That success is possible because of our determination to always stay at the cutting edge of the technologies that affect this industry, and an internal ethic that demands that we always treat you as we would want to be treated ourselves. This means we look for ways to stretch your budget, not gobble it up. We find ways to make managing your business communications easier for you, and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that your program is a success. We will always treat you with integrity and professionalism because we want to be your service partner for life. You can always count on our attention to detail, commitment to clients and staff, and the relentless pursuit of excellence are the keys to nearly 50 years of success.

Our Six Teams Work Seamlessly To Ensure Your Calls Are Handled Exactly As Planned

Phone Agents
The Heart and Soul

Account Architects
The Visionaries

Our business is nothing without our excellent team of phone agents. Their commitment to excellence is your company’s commitment to excellence. In a “revolving door” industry, our people understand the value of service and are the best at it.

Select architects are focused on designing custom scripts that reflect how your business actually works, which results in consistently great impressions and interactions. They’ll help you build your day, the Select way.

Operations Team
The Maestros

Tech Team
The Builders

Directing from above, resolving issues as they arise and handling updates on the fly, they make our “perpetual improvement process” hum like a well-oiled machine. Their intuition and ability to communicate allow us to reach the next level of service.

Creating customized solutions, finding new ways to get more from technology, and helping our whole team to work together with our machines and systems, our tech team builds and maintains the infrastructure that makes our service possible.

Sales & Marketing
The Messengers

The Helpers

Spreading the word and enabling all of us to impact more lives is a big responsibility, and one our sales and marketing team do not take lightly. Their commitment has brought you to our page today, and they will facilitate your smooth transition to Select.

Bringing our entire operation together, and building a culture of dedication, positivity, and friendship is no easy task. Our managers keep Select on the right path for growth while balancing the needs of the team with the needs of the business.

Where We Rest Our Headsets

We have remote agents that work remotely across Canada. On top of that, Select Call Centre has four offices across Alberta: