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35 Positive Words to Use With Every Customer

In a blog we shared last year we talked about the importance of Positive Phrasing. As we noted then, the language that your customer service team uses is very important and can make the difference between an excellent customer experience and a downright horrible one. Here are some words or phrases we suggest that you work into your call templates or scripts, or even to simply share with your team so that these words remain top of mind:
  1. Absolutely
  2. Authentic
  3. Brilliant “That is a brilliant idea!”
  4. Certainly
  5. Complete
  6. Convenient
  7. Creative
  8. Definitely “I can definitely look into that for you.”
  9. Excellent
  10. Exciting
  11. Experienced
  12. Expert
  13. Fantastic
  14. Favourite
  15. Fortunate
  16. Generous
  17. Great
  18. Helpful “That would be very helpful.”
  19. I Agree
  20. I Understand
  21. Ideal
  22. Impressive
  23. Perfect “That sounds perfect.”
  24. Preference
  25. Prompt
  26. Recommend
  27. Solution
  28. Terrific
  29. Thank you!
  30. Timely
  31. Truthful
  32. Valuable
  33. Wonderful
  34. Wow!
  35. Yes
Ready to hear some of these positive words and phrases in action? Call us today! What words would you add to the list?