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6 Property Management Duties You Can Outsource To A Call Answering Service

6 Property Management Duties You Can Outsource To A Call Answering Service

What are the duties of a property manager? Are you a property manager looking to outsource some of your responsibilities to a call centre?

If you’re thinking about outsourcing some of your property manager responsibilities, keep reading. We hope the list of responsibilities below will assist you in determining which duties you can outsource to a call centre.

Select Call Centre offers call answering services specifically tailored to property managers and landlords. Including after-hours call answering services to take care of all your tenant needs, even outside of regular business hours.

At Select Call, we can even utilize the software of a property management company. As a result, we go directly through their logbook. We do this for many of our customers using an API connection, and our customers all agree it’s a considerable advantage. Our software can communicate directly with their software. Instead of the operator logging in and utilizing it. We’ve worked on third-party integration solutions such as BuildingEngine (Prism), Yardi, and Angus Anywhere.

What are the most common responsibilities of a property manager?

In general, a property manager is in charge of a building’s day-to-day operations, including tenant communication and suite maintenance. Property managers are also responsible for collecting rent and scheduling repairs. Depending on the size of the organization, property managers may be required to make hundreds of phone calls each month. We list below 10 common property manager responsibilities.


#1 – Booking Suite Viewings

One of the most important duties of the property manager is tenant management. Finding and attracting new renters is a consistent challenge. Residential property managers are expected to keep vacant rental units filled.

When a prospective new tenant calls to arrange a booking, they have identified themselves as a lead that is in-market for a rental suite. Chances are you’re not the only apartment viewing they’re trying to book that day. If you’re not ready to answer the call, tenants may consider this a red flag and lose interest in the suite. When you outsource call answering services to Select Call Centre, we are always ready to take the call and we can even schedule viewings based on your availability.


Suite Viewing Appointment Booking


#2 – Handling Tenant Complaints

Building maintenance and tenant complaints are also common property management duties. If someone is having frequent gatherings at the home, for example, and the neighbors complain about it, it will most likely be the property manager who must address it. Property managers occasionally have to deal with emergency situations, so you should be familiar with all of the property’s safety precautions.

As a property manager, you need to be ready for anything. When the phone rings, are you prepared for the situation on the other end of the line? Download our free checklist of 11 Common Phone Calls that Property Managers Need to be Ready to Answer.


Emergency Tenant Requests Call Answering


#3 – Coordinating Property Maintenance Services

The responsibilities of a property manager also include maintenance. This will ensure that the property is kept in good condition and that renters are safe. Maintenance entails investigating and fixing tenant issues as well as enforcing rules of occupancy. Property managers need to go through the vacant apartments and renovate them as needed, managing the work of contractors. Basic upkeep also involves contracting snow removal services in Canada.

Appointment scheduling between tenants and your maintenance team can be a big job depending on the number of properties under your watch. When you choose to work with Select Call Centre to handle your call answering services, our call agents can take incoming phone calls from tenants and schedule basic maintenance jobs directly with your subcontractors.


Suite Maintenance Request Repair Man


#4 – Contacting Site Security

A property manager’s duties frequently extend beyond basic maintenance at the rental home. They’ll also need to keep the property secure by either contracting security guards or maintaining adequate security measures, or both. They’ll also be in charge of establishing emergency preparedness policies and procedures. A knowledgeable property manager understands that the greater the rental property’s security, the more secure its tenants feel. This leads to a higher tenant retention rate.


Building Security Guard


#5 – After Hours Emergency Call Answering

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night. Anything from a security breach to fires and floods can happen at any time. When your tenants need urgent answers, you can always depend on a professional call answering service to take the call and take the appropriate measures. Simply communicate your response plan with our team of call centre agents and we will take the call.


#6 – Total Communications Management

The duties of a property manager and the function they play may often be more than meets the eye. Yes, property management responsibilities do include visible daily errands and services, but they may also manage the operation from behind the scenes. That is if the landlord wants to take advantage of all the property management services available. Property managers may be called upon to do all of the study, planning, and management work on their own. To that end, they must have a wide range of managerial abilities and knowledge in the field of real estate.

If you have other staff working on your property, for example, security guards, you must supervise their work as the property manager. This entails setting salaries and evaluating their performance. Property managers will also be in charge of monitoring other potential contractors at the site. Property managers have a huge number of responsibilities, so why not let a professional call answering service take these 5 duties off your plate?


6 property management duties that you can outsource to a call answering service


Concluding Remarks

We hope that this list of property management duties that you can outsource to a call answering service helps you understand just how much you can offload to a call centre. It’s clear that property managers need to manage a wide range of incoming and outbound phone calls to properly manage rental properties. Select Call provides the best customer service for tenant management for clients across Canada. Contact us today if you are a property manager that wants to learn more about our call centre services. Our call centre agents are highly trained and we serve clients across multiple industries.