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Benefits of Call Centre Support for Home Inspectors

‘Tis the season for buying and selling homes. These summer months are the busiest for most Home Inspectors and it is important to maintain your great customer service level while also managing the increase in business, even as a small, or even single person business.

We often hear from sole-proprietor Home Inspectors who are incredibly busy, and starting to burn out in an effort to increase clients but maintain their single-person operation. The great news is that it doesn’t have to stay this way. Business owners can achieve a more flexible schedule, while still growing their business without having to hire staff and instead hiring a call centre.    

 Here are the ways Select Call can support Home Inspectors during peak season, and beyond:

1. Always answer the calls. More often than not, potential customers who can’t reach you on the first try will move on to the next business listed on Google. Many also won’t leave a voicemail for you to return. But you can’t always stop what you’re doing to answer the phone! Well, we can. When you hire us to manage your inbound calls we can ensure that your potential customers always hear a warm, friendly, human voice on their first call to you.

2. Request necessary related information from clients. We can connect with your clients to gather all of the information you need for your home inspections so that you don’t have to take the time to do so yourself. You’ll show up to every appointment organized and prepared!

3. Schedule Appointments. We can book clients into your schedule directly. No more back and forth, no more taking the extra time to coordinate your schedule with someone else’s. We can also reschedule or cancel appointments to help insure that no time is wasted.

4. Inbox management. Sure, it’s called a “Call Centre” but we also support many of our own clients with email inbox services. We can help answer FAQ’s, organize and prioritize your emails which will save you time and help keep you from email related distractions.

5. Ability to maintain lean operating costs. When you hire Select Call Centre, you can avoid the hassle of hiring and on-boarding new staff. You won’t have to worry about vacation time, or overtime hours either.

6. Get paid! We are available to take your clients payment information over the telephone when you can’t be. No more phone tag and no more waiting for payments.

Ready to learn more about how Select Call Centre can help you maintain or grow your sole-proprietor Home Inspection business? Give us a call or request a quote today!