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Body Language. Is it Important When Talking on the Phone?

Yes, it is. That’s the simple answer.

Every time you connect with someone over the phone, be it a customer or a friend, it’s important to keep in mind that your body language (which accounts for 55% of a transferred message) makes a difference is so many ways.

It may seem unlikely, but here some points to consider when it comes to body language and telephone communication:

Posture Translates

When you are sitting upright, your voice is more clear than it is when you are slouching. Slouching causes breathing to become restricted which could make your conversation appear more laboured, or even boring or annoyed to your caller. Your words, when you slouch, can also sound muffled and low in tone, which may signal bad news or unhappiness to your caller, or even, and worst of all… disinterest.


Try saying a simple phrase (good morning, or thank you for calling…) both when you are sitting tall, and when you are slouched in your chair. You’ll hear the difference.

Facial Expressions Change our Voices

This news isn’t new, but to reiterate the importance of the point – you can hear a smile. Even though the phone. When smiling, our voices are lighter and higher – sounds of happiness. Negative facial expressions have the opposite effect of course. Imagine having a miserable look on your face and answering the phone with a chipper greeting.

Not only will negative facial expressions reverberate through the line, but your mind will also be convinced by your face that what you are doing is hard, or irritating which will actually increase your stress levels and make a pleasant encounter with your caller less likely.

Don’t Fidget

Excessive and unnecessary movements (fidgeting) can be a big distraction both to you and to your caller. Background noises, like the mindless clicking of a pen, tapping of fingers, etc can be heard through the phone and can make you appear uncomfortable and restless. You’re also more likely to drop or break that pen, interrupting your concentration, and distracting others around you.

Self-Perception is Just as Important

What does your current position in your seat say about you, to you? Good posture inspires confidence. Sitting or standing tall and taking pride in your role is a key factor in positive and effective communication. This quote says it all:


“You control your body, but your body also controls you. Simple gestures, simple postures—each makes a dramatic impact on how you think, feel, and perform,” writes Jeff Haden

Keep these tips in mind when speaking with your customer over the phone as well as in person. You’ll notice the difference good body language will make, and so will they!