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Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

Considering a customer loyalty program for your business? We think that’s a great idea!

If you’re not sure where to start, or what options you might have, here are a few ideas that we think your customers will love:

The Point System (or repeat business system)

If you’re selling a consumable product, or a service that is based on a monthly (or other renewable) subscription, a point system is a great option.

  • Buy 9 large pizza’s and your 10th is free
  • Receive a free bottle of shampoo every 4th haircut
  • Subscribe for 12 months and get a month free
  • Free shipping on your next order

Refer your friends/Affiliate program

Don’t underestimate the value in affiliate programs! If your customers are loving your services, chances are their friends will love them too. We know that people are often likely to make a purchase based on a recommendation from a friend, so make it easy for your customers to benefit.

  • Get a free month on us when you refer a friend
  • Receive 10% cash payment of the purchases made via referrals from you
  • Bring a friend and receive 50% off your admission price

Thanks for the Feedback

We often see this one from retailers. Check the bottom of your receipt, there may be a web address for a survey. This is a great way to incentivize customer feedback.

  • Complete this survey and be entered into a draw for $200 in-store shopping spree
  • Answer a few questions an your next ice cream is on us
  • Tell us how we did today and receive a coupon for 25% off of your next purchase

Reinforce your company values

If your business is passionate about the environment, animal welfare, poverty, etc. offer a donation as a customer “reward.” Chances are, they do business with your company because they share your values.

  • One tree planted for every metal straw sold
  • $2 from every purchase is donated to the local homeless shelter
  • Every purchase = a bag of food for an animal shelter in your town

Whichever option you choose be sure that you don’t just set it and forget it. Share and remind your customers of the program often.  Also be sure to revisit and update your program as trends change.