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How Medical Offices Can Benefit From Call Centre Support

Unlike many other industries, it doesn’t matter where in North America your Medical Office is… it’s busy! Pretty much all the time. Sure, there are times when patient support is at a seasonal high (perhaps flu season during the colder months, or allergy season in the summer) but for the most part, many people seek the care of their health providers all year round.

Even if you have a full team of support and office staff, you and your patients can greatly benefit from the additional assistance of Select Call Centre.

Here is how we can help your medical office care for patients, even before they come in for their appointment:

  1. Appointment Scheduling Assistance: We set up and change appointments at any time, day or night. Your customers will love how responsive and available your practice will be. We adapt to whatever software systems you are already using, making integration quick and easy.
  2. Peek Call Overflow Reception: When a rush of calls come in, we automatically jump in and respond to the callers. Rather than putting clients on hold, they will receive fast and effective service, allowing your team to stay focused on providing the best service possible.
  3. Emergency Escalation: Emergencies require ready and alert people to act. We establish and update on-call lists and escalation protocols to ensure that whatever happens, the right person is being notified as soon as possible.
  4. Warm, Kind Interactions: Often when patients call into a medical office they are facing a health concern. Our friendly and warm receptionists will offer kind assistance to those who may need it most.

Are you curious to see how we can support your Medical office with customized options specific to your unique needs?

Please connect with us today to learn more!