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How Select Call Supports Real Estate Agents

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, you know very well the unique challenges that come with the busy schedule, time out of the office, irregular work hours and time spent alone (to name a few.) Here are Select Call Centre we understand the pain points that can come with the challenges noted above: late and/or too many hours, unavailability, a run-away inbox, and of course the security factor.

Here are a few things we can do to help Real Estate Agents through the busy seasons and beyond:

Answer Calls

Because Real Estate Agents spend so much time on the road and showing homes, answering calls, as they come in, can be a huge challenge. Especially when there is a new seller or buyer on the other end of the line. Missed calls can mean missed business. With our 24-hour answering services, agents can ensure that no call goes unanswered or sent to voicemail.

Sort and Answer Emails

Inbox getting away from you? Our customer service team can help you get your inbox to ZERO – and keep it there. When emails come into your account, we can sort, respond, summarize, delete, and create content; basically, we can do almost anything you need within email, leaving you more time to focus on other important tasks.

Information Collection

How great would it be to have someone triage every caller? Real Estate Agents often need a series of questions answered by potential buyers or sellers, and of course, this takes time! Our customer service team here at Select can gather and sort this information for you, freeing up time to show more houses.


With the recent scary situation faced by one Real Estate Agent here in Alberta safety has been top of mind for many people who are often working alone. We offer many solutions that are designed for work-alone situations. We understand that reaction time can be crucial and have built programs that can help bring peace of mind back to Real Estate Agents.

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