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How to Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service (In a Good Way)

Delivering Unforgettable Customer Service

As a business that also relies on customer retention, we here at Select Call Centre understand the importance of providing a customer service experience that won’t soon be forgotten… in a GOOD way.

Here are a few of our tips that you can implement today to help ensure that your customers are also receiving unforgettable support:

1.   Be available – Ensure that your customer’s calls are always answered. As we know, many callers never leave voicemails and simply move on to the next name noted in their Google search. You will quickly be forgotten if they don’t even get a chance to connect!


2.   Address customers by name – if you already know your customer’s name, use it! A simple “Hello, Karen” can make a call feel much more personalized, even if nothing unique is required.


3.   Use positive language – this is so important! A statement made using negative words can create a reaction that could be avoided by saying the very same thing with positive phrasing. They will remember how you make them feel – ensure that it’s good!


4.   Say “I don’t know” when that’s the truth  – no one expects you to know everything, but if you’re uncomfortable with “I don’t know” here are some things you can say and do instead.


5.   Avoid Perfection – just like no one expects you to know everything, no one expects you to be perfect either. If you make a mistake, correct it. If you need help ask for it. Your customer will remember your efforts to serve them.


6.   Be a human, not a robot – be warm. Smile while you’re talking – it makes a big difference.


7.   Be consistent – Ensure that your team is offering the same solutions and explanations for common questions or concerns. If your customer knows what to expect when they call, then you’ve already achieved an unforgettable experience!


8.   Offer an opportunity to provide feedback – a delighted customer will leave feedback, just as a less-than-delighted customer will. Ensure that your callers have access to a survey or another easy way to leave feedback.

9.   Follow up even after the problem was solved – Your customer will feel that you care if part of your practice is to follow up. Receiving a call or email to check-in can go a long way.

Is there anything you’d add? Please share your unforgettable customer services experiences with us!