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How to Save Your Customers Time

What is one thing that many people would say is more valuable to them than money? TIME.

One of the best ways to create a loyal customer is to not only offer exceptional service, but to do it in a way that is efficient and saves your customer time. From purchase to customer support, it’s important to make every step along their journey as your customer as easy and effortless as possible.

Here are 5 ways to save your customers time when they call you for support:

  1. Make it easy for customers to reach you. Is your number easy to find? How about your email? When they do find your contact information, do they speak to a real person, or are there automated prompts helping to direct them to where they need to go. Which is the best option when it comes to saving your customer time? Consider these questions as you design your customers path to contact.

  2. Solve the issue on the first call. If this is at all possible, one call would be ideal. If it’s not possible, set the expectation regarding future contact and stick to it, so that your customer is not wasting time trying to follow up.

  3. Be proactive. Call your customers. Ask if they have any questions regarding your product or service. Ask them what changes they would make if they could, or what you are doing well. Perhaps they’ve been experiencing something that they have been meaning to call about, but just haven’t had the time.

  4. Listen to your customers the first time. Don’t drag the conversation on and on by asking your customer to repeat themselves. Need some tips when it comes to listening skills? Check out our earlier blog.

  5. Provide customer service training and refreshers often and give access to info your staff needs to solve the problems themselves.

  6. Consider call centre support. Why force your customers to leave a voicemail, or navigate the maze of automation, when they could make their appointments, get tech support, or even just learn more about your business from a team of trained professionals who are always ready to answer the call? We can help you save your customer time, too.

Build efficiency into your customer experience as part of your competitive advantage and everyone (except your competitors) will benefit.