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How to Win Back a Lost Customer

Most businesses and organizations have a customer life cycle. Sometimes customers move on simply because they no longer need the services of a business that they are generally quite happy with – not a bad way to lose business if they have to go. But most often customers are lost because they are dissatisfied with, or worse angry about, the service that they have received or a product that did not meet expectations. Either way, I think we can agree that losing a customer is most often undesirable. To add a silver lining, if the customer moves on because they are unhappy it means you have an opportunity!

Losing an upset customer doesn’t mean they will stay lost to your business forever. There are a number of things that you can do to win them back, assuming you do want them back. 😉

Here’s what you can do to re-engage, and win back, a customer lost due to dissatisfaction:

  1. Don’t wait. Act swiftly if you have an upset customer. Don’t leave them feeling mistreated longer than they have to.

  2. Take ownership. If your customer is unhappy, understand why, and take ownership for your part in creating the situation.

  3. Show appreciation. It’s not always easy for a customer to share their grievances, so be sure to thank them for making you aware of the situation. No news is not always good news.

  4. Rebuild trust. Describe the steps that will be taken in the future to avoid a similar experience. Don’t make promises that cannot be kept.

  5. Offer a solution. Should your customer have a dedicated representative? Is there an incentive that will offer your customer greater value if they stay/return? Make sure the offer is convenient and easy to understand and use to avoid confusion and further dissatisfaction.

  6. Follow up. Depending how your solution was received, plan to follow up with your customer weather they choose to continue on with your products or services, or not. Be sure to reach out at least once.

Don’t forget to keep the interaction as human as possible. Exit surveys, while they have their benefits, are not as effective as winning back a lost customer as a thoughtful and empathetic conversation.

If your business could use support from us in connecting with lost customers, please request a quote today!