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If You’re Ready, They Will Buy.

Does the phone play any part in your business? If so, this is very important. 60% of sales are made on the first call. And the other 42% won’t call back if you make a bad first impression.

Based on this, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How are my calls being answered?

  2. Could that be improved?

  3. How can I improve it?

  4. Is the effort I need to take going to be worth it?

These are some of the core elements of a top quality telephone response:

  1. Using an appropriate tone

  2. Including only relevant information

  3. Being ready to accept new business in the moment

  4. Able and ready to answer every predictable question

  5. Eliminating background noise

EXTRA POINTS: Speak clearly, avoid long pauses, and advance the conversation with every sentence.

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