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Keeping Your Customers Cool in the Summer Heat

When the temperatures rise, patience levels can be quick to drop, it seems. During the summer months, customers can sometimes be quick to frustration. Perhaps they are on vacation and in no mood to call a help desk, or maybe they have what feels like fewer hours in the day at work as they cover for the vacations of their co-workers and can’t afford to hang out on hold. Either way, there are things that your company can do when offering customer service to all of your callers to help keep them cool – even during a heatwave!

Give your customers time to chill

Offer extended customer service hours during the summer months. Understand that your customers don’t want to spend their hammock or beachside time (arguably between the hours of 9-5) on the phone with a customer service agent. When you offer extended hours, your customer will be able to call at a time that is convenient for them, when they are less likely to be in a rush.

Ice hold times

The only thing worse than having to leave a voicemail message is a looooong wait time. Waiting in a queue is sure to make your customer heated by the time they hear the voice of your customer service team. What can be done to ensure that customer hold times are minimal if not eradicated so that your customer is not spending their summer vacay on the phone?

Keep your representatives cool too!

Figuratively and literally. Ensure that office conditions are ideal – comfortable customer service representatives (and people in general) are more pleasant. Do you know what else is cool though? Customer service representatives who can really help. Ensure that your team receives training often, and give them the authority to support your customers without having to put them on hold and/or transfer them to another “level” of service.

Do you need assistance keeping your customers cool this summer? We can help! Give us a call today to see how we can support your business growth.