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Lean, Mean, IT Machine

Managed Information Technology Services (MITS) is a fast growing industry. In a sense, they provide many of the services the call centre industry has served in the past. As MITS have emerged, call centres have evolved.

We have reached a point where we can integrate with the platforms MITS are using to manage their business. Our staff is well-versed in the technical language used in the industry. We have developed pricing models that make dollars, and sense.

As a call centre, these are just a few of the many challenges we can help you overcome:

Sudden and unpredictable spikes in call traffic. When services or servers go down, calls flood in. It can be a major challenge to manage swarms of irate callers while trying to solve root problems. It’s even more difficult to find the important calls needing deep analysis among the many that can be managed through reassurance and proper phone manners.

Routine level-1 support issues eating up engineer time. Using professional engineers to walk your clients through basic troubleshooting routines is a poor allocation of human resources. As your business scales, the number of level-1 calls increases at least five times faster than level-2 or 3. Having a variable cost level-1 support team supplementing your core business makes economic sense.

Over/Under-staffing during late hours. Idle hands are the tool of the devil. It is difficult to know how many, if any people will call in on a given evening. But you need to have someone there to answer the calls just in case. Do you have one lone worker? A team of two? With a call centre in place, you can have an on-call list. The call centre agents can determine the nature of the call, determine urgency, escalate appropriately, and make your lives a little easier.

Staying lean can help you stay competitive in the fast-growing MITS industry. We have a number of strategies for managing your communications that will keep costs low while improving customer service quality.