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Navigating COVID-19 Changes

It’s a weird world out there right now, with ways of operating business changing by the day. The COVID-19 pandemic has made sudden changes to the way things operate, whether by social distancing, curbside pickup, cashless transactions, and much more.

We’re here to help you keep business bustling through the pandemic panic. Don’t leave customers getting no answer or a busy signal when they call – it’s the number one way to lose out on business, especially during these times when communication is vital!

How can we help?

  1. Curbside pickup
    Imagine if you could have someone answer the phone for your business, arrange pickup times for customers, and take payments for you? All you’d have to do is stay focused on your business: checking in on the appointments we’ve booked and delivering your product or service to happy clients.

  2. Payment processing
    Cash is no longer king! Many businesses have made the decision to stop accepting payments in cash during the pandemic. Our operators are fully trained and our system is fully secure to accept payments over the phone for you.

  3. Appointment scheduling
    Why worry about making your schedule when you can stay focused on simply keeping to one? Let our staff take care of booking appointments in your calendar based on the time slots and direction you provide. You’ll never have to second guess where you should be and when!

  4. Business continuity 
    make sure your customers know your current situation! By having someone answer the phone, you keep your callers informed and feeling important by getting a live answer. Make sure your customers and potential customers know how important they are!

Let us take care of your phones, scheduling pickups, and even processing payments so you can take care of business as normal – well, as normal as times can be right now.

Things are weird, and some of these changes might be here for the long haul. Let’s help each other out to get through this.

Always here for you – Select Call.