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Our COVID-19 Response

With the ongoing development of COVID-19, we have been asked about our preparedness plan for emergencies with regards to the quickly developing pandemic. 

Please review our plan below, including notes for next steps if you find your company requiring special accommodation during this time.

  • Select operates out of 3 physical call centers (Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary) and has two-thirds of our staff are either fully remote or can work remote “as needed”.  Our operation is capable of operators taking calls from anywhere, using a secured connection to our call system. We have extra measures and equipment we can use if the remainder of our staff require to go remote on short notice. 
  • In the event of an emergency, such as during the Calgary floods or during Fort McMurray wildfire, we were able to route our own calls so our customers service was not interrupted.  We were able to use remote staff to cover shifts that our Calgary operators would have worked. We are capable of routing calls as required and delegating agents from other areas as needed to cover emergency evacuations or similar situations.
  • For smaller urgent issues (not a disaster but smaller scale) we have day to day measures to keep our service standards high.  An example of this: If the call waiting times are higher, our operators can send out an all-text to other agents to log in from home and help to cover the busy time.  Another example: For phone line issues we have reliable back ups, in the rare event those fail (often a Telus or other vendor problem which we cannot fix on site) we have a procedure to contact customers and provide an alternate number to send the calls.

Next Steps:

If you expect your office may need to evacuate, please let us know with as much advance notice as possible.  We can make notes to your account so the operators can clearly communicate the situation to your callers, and if you have special call coverage (someone specific to take calls or emails) make sure to include that in the information you send.  We can also make suggestions if needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to help answer questions or set up call coverage: 1-855-306-9050.

We have many options to keep your callers informed and allow you to keep your focus on your operations. 

Together we’ll get through this time of uncertainty.



Garrett Bidewell
General Manager