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Prepare For Peak Call Volumes

Is your business seasonal? Or perhaps there are just times of the year that have always meant higher than normal call volumes. A few examples that come to mind are tax season for accountants, the beginning of the school year for rental units in university towns, or perhaps the planning of sunny and warm vacations in the coldest months of winter for travel agents. If your business experiences times like these that always result in higher call volumes, it is best to have a plan in place that will help to keep your customers happy and your customer service team from burning out. Start Early Don’t wait for the peak season to arrive before you seek assistance or change your plans and procedures. Reacting to the traffic-jam of suddenly higher call volumes can be stressful and difficult while preparing ahead of time can keep the customer service department running like a well-oiled machine. Support Your Staff When peak seasons are high and there is pressure on your customer service team to manage more than usual it’s important to balance the added stress with morale-boosting activities. Treat your team to lunch, or simply acknowledge the extra effort with gratitude. Your personal “Thanks” is often enough to ensure that your team members feel valued and appreciated. Hire Temporary Staff Bringing on additional team members can be very helpful during peak customer call seasons. Be sure to hire with more than enough time to train these new staff so that your business can maintain your quality standards as well as your call time to resolution goals. Customers will also be much more satisfied with your service when they are speaking to someone confident and knowledgeable. Training is key. Consider External Support Think your business is too small or too large for contact centre support? Have specific requirements that need custom consideration that you believe only those in-house can manage? Think that hiring a call centre requires a contract and forces you to pay for services that your business doesn’t need? Think again! At Select Call Centre, we work with businesses of all sizes and industries, with customized services, and without a contract. Hiring a call centre can save you money, time and customer turnover as you’ll be able to easily manage the busy seasons that your business faces. Let us show you how! Request your free quote today!