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Property Managed Properly

Property managers and call centres go together like peanut butter and jelly (or bananas if you prefer). If you are a property manager, which I suspect you are if you are reading this, then surely you have dealt with a call centre before.

How was your experience? Anyone who has been in the property management game long enough will tell you that not all call centres are created equal. The common pain points are: calling the wrong on-call, long hold times, and a lack of professionalism from the operators.

But nowadays, it isn’t about what you’re doing that is the problem. It’s about things you may not even know exist. How many of these features have you considered implementing to better manage your properties?

1.     Remote door access enabling a call centre to help verify locked out residents and give them access when mistakes happen.

2.     Mass text notifications – Let your tenants know about things through texts quickly and efficiently. You can even track whether messages have been received or not. Reduce wasted time and paper.

3.     Feedback platforms – Provide your tenants with the ability to share their thoughts through text, and include many of them in the same conversation. 

These are just a few of the ways property management is changing and the way call centres are evolving to make life easier.

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