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Surviving the Difficult Times

Regardless of political positions or where we point the blame, we are all part of a struggling economy. In order to survive, businesses are forced to make tough decisions. The word of the hour is “cutbacks”.

At some point we’ve all been in a situation where we need to get more done with less. Unfortunately, in an efficiently run business it becomes nearly impossible to find any “fat” to trim from the day-to-day operations. So where can we look to find a little extra?

One tried and true method of cost cutting is outsourcing. Eliminating a fixed cost, like a full-time reception team, and replacing it with a variable cost contact centre can help your business maintain continuity while reducing expenses.

 With the right contact centre in place, your customers won’t even notice you’ve made the cutbacks. It is important to find a contact centre you can trust to handle your communications and act as your representative. So, what should you look for?

1.     They should be local. Hiring an offshore contact centre could have a number of negative effects. Poor communication could offend your customers. We’ve all dealt with difficult to understand phone service; it isn’t pleasant.

2.     They should have experience. Time for training and making mistakes is not a luxury many can afford. You want to have a quality service right out of the gate, and experience is the key factor in making sure that’s the case.

3.     They should be able to get you more business. Find a contact centre that can book new leads and help you earn more money. Empowering your new team to capture more business for you will make sure the investment you are making will pay for itself, and then some.

The tough times can’t last forever. Now is the time to buckle down and bear the storm. Before long, the sun will come out and we will all be stronger for overcoming the challenges of today.