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Tourism Industry Problem Solving With Call Centre Support

Summer 2019 is officially here, and for many travelers the long weekend in July is the official kick-off to their touring season. Not surprisingly, this is a very busy time for the tourism industry here in Canada (and beyond) with people from all over the world planning to visit our beautiful country, and Canadian’s planning to do a little global exploring of their own. This means increased customer service demand and a few more problems for the small to medium sized travel agency businesses.

But not to worry, Select Call Centre is here to help you with some of the more common peak season travel issues:

Problem: Unreasonable/unsustainable working hours for travel agents.

Select’s Solution: Our service is 24/7. Our team is happy to answer the phone at any time of the day or night. We understand that when a customer calls they must be answered, no matter the time. Whether you need someone to assist travelers during a time that you are usually sleeping, or you need a few hours of downtime to avoid burnout, you can rest assured that your customer won’t be forced to find a new travel agent due to inaccessibility.

Problem: Can’t keep up with the email inbox.

Select’s Solution: Did you know that we offer inbox management services? It’s true! We can help you organize your inbox and respond to FAQ’s as they come in which means that you’ll have more time to assist more travelers.

Problem: No time/resources to hire and train additional staff.

Select’s Solution: We do the training for you! Our team receives plenty of training and are more than capable of providing an exceptional level of customer service. We can easily adapt to the custom requirements of your business or service, and help you avoid the potential hassle of hiring and coaching.

Problem: No time for follow up.

Select’s Solution: Not only do we support our clients with incoming call services, we offer outgoing call services as well. We can connect with your customers after (or even before and during) their trip to follow up on their experience. This can go a long way to ensure that they select your services/agency again when they have traveling to do in the future. Follow up is a necessity, not a luxury and we can take care of it for you.

Ready to learn more about what Select Call Centre can do to help your travel agency grow? Request a free quote, or simply reach out to learn more now!