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Why Hire a Medical Call Answering Service

Pretty much every medical office is a busy place with multiple activities going on all at once – with patients arriving for appointments, administrative work needing to be done for records, and so much more. Throw in the responsibility of answering phones, taking messages and booking appointments and you can see how an already busy situation can quickly become chaotic.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Here’s some of the top reasons for letting Select Call take over the phones and leave your staff to the vital tasks requiring their full attention:

  1. Stop Missing Calls
    Almost every medical office has at least one receptionist. These on-staff receptionists need breaks, sick time and vacations. With our service, your virtual receptionist is always available!
  2. More Affordable Reception
    Regardless of how efficient a receptionist is, you’ll still be paying their salary – even during slow times. You’ll incur costs for benefits, taxes, etc. With our service, you only pay for the minutes you utilize – with savings that add up fast, especially for smaller offices.
  3. Less Administrative Time
    When all calls are answered and routed properly, your team can spend less time on admin tasks. Our staff are trained to handle scheduling appointments, doing confirmation/reminder calls, along with transferring calls and taking messages.
  4. Secure for Sensitive Information
    With decades of experience in the health sector, Select Call is fully prepared to deal with calls with sensitive information, along with FOIP compliance.

Let our team of experts help you get set up on a flexible, professional call answering service for your medical team.

Check out our medical services page for more information!