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Why IVR is Right for Any Business

Whether small or large, any company can see huge benefits from switching to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for managing phone calls. Answering calls takes a lot of time, and not every call needs the full attention of a trained employee.

IVR can take care of forwarding calls where they need to go and help answer the most frequently asked questions by callers (e.g. office hours, directions, common support questions, etc.) – freeing up the live operators to deal with the more difficult stuff. If a company can shred even a few seconds off each phone call, it can save them hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Instead of being put on hold or being left ringing, IVR systems make callers and customers feel they’re being attended to – even though it’s simply by a machine. If the caller has a simple question, it’s better to get a quick answer from a computerized operator than waiting 15 minutes on hold to talk to a human being for the same answer.

IVR systems don’t sleep, take lunch breaks, go on vacations, or take sick days. They’re available 24 hours a day to field questions, help customers with simple tasks, and inform callers of up-to-date company information.

Lastly, and really most importantly – IVR systems are cost effective! In a world where every dollar matters, why wouldn’t you take advantage of improving customer service and satisfaction while saving money at the same time? Select Call has IVR plans starting at only $15 a month!

Let our team of experts help you set up on a low-cost, highly efficient IVR setup today.

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