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Why Telephone Customer Service is Still Important for Your Business

Facebook, Twitter, Email, Skype, text, live chat, and website contact forms. All excellent examples of some of the countless ways customers are able to reach a business when they are in need. With so many alternatives, it’s almost easy to for a business to forget how important it is to have a strong telephone customer service presence.

While many prefer to simply open an app, or even just turn to Google to find a solution, it is still just as important as it ever was to have a human being answer the phone when a customer calls. Here’s why:

  1. Urgency. Customers often call when there is an urgent matter. If you’re running a security business, no one want to hop on Facebook if there has been a possible break in. If you manage a property and a resident has an urgent plumbing issue, they are not going to fill in a contact form on the web while their kitchen fills with water. Sometimes, a number to call, with a human on the other end of the line is necessary.

  2. Simplicity. Some issues your customers face are complex and unique. Even if you have an excellent FAQ page online, it’s not likely to cover all of the variables. It actually might even make a specific situation appear more confusing for your customer. Providing your customers with a phone number will sometimes help save time and confusion for you both.

  3. Inclusivity. Sure, it’s 2018 but not everyone is on the internet. And even some who are on the internet, would still much rather use the phone. Don’t lose these customers to bad service without a person to talk to.

  4. Business Growth. Having a telephone customer service team connecting via telephone not only supports your customers but can support your bottom line as well. You can up-sell to better serve clients, or even request surveys after each call to help you better understand your opportunities.

  5. Good Vibes. Nothing beats talking to an engaged, friendly, helpful human, right?! Right. Don’t leave customers to figure things out alone. Delight them with superior assistance, one on one.

  6. A number can be an identifier. A thoughtful customer service number could make a big difference. Consider your business name and service and see what you can come up with. A unique and relevant number is easier to remember, and might even make a clever and catchy jingle possible.

Want to learn more about the importance of telephone customer service, and how we here at Select Call Centre can meet your specific needs? Please connect with us today!