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Why You Need Customer Feedback For Business Growth

When you seek to understand your customers experience in its entirety, you find ways to improve your go-forward approach armed with information, rather than just “best guesses.” This information is key to business growth as great customer experiences make loyal customers. (No surprise there!)

So, is your business asking your customers for feedback on an ongoing basis? If not, here’s why that needs to change today:

  • Customers feel valued when listened to. As a person who is likely someone’s customer, think of how it made you feel to be asked for your honest opinion, and then to have it actually be listened to. Pretty great, right?

  • You have the opportunity to improve current products and services. If you ask your customers about the products or services of yours they are using, you get a feel for the little adjustments that you could make to greatly improve customer satisfaction that you may not have considered yourself.

  • You’ll be able to proactively resolve and issues and address concerns. The old saying “no news is good news” is not always true. Perhaps your customer is only mildly irritated by something involving your business, not enough to call about it, but enough to be unhappy. Soliciting the feedback will help to turn that customers frown upside-down.

  • You’ll prevent negative word-of-mouth. When you have the information you need to improve your customer experience, all of your word-of-mouth advertising will be to your benefit!

  • You can gather important data that can assist with future decision making. It’s true that some important decision making relies on educated guessing, but how great would it be to have some actual data that can confirm some of those guesses?

  • There’s an opportunity to build team morale. Nothing makes a dedicated customer service representative feel better than positive feedback from actual customers. When you receive the good word, pass it on.

Of course, each of these benefits lead to improved customer retention as well as new customer acquisition. Seem like a large task? Fear not. There are many easy ways you can solicit the opinions of your customers, using surveys, at different times in your customers journey.

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