New Communication Strategy
New Year. New Budget. New Strategy?

As we roll into a new decade, it is time to reflect on how our businesses are operating. At Select, we have been transitioning some of our staff to remote working situations. After a few hiccups in implementation, everything is now running smoothly and our team is much happier with the option to work from

Surviving the Difficult Times

Regardless of political positions or where we point the blame, we are all part of a struggling economy. In order to survive, businesses are forced to make tough decisions. The word of the hour is “cutbacks”. At some point we’ve all been in a situation where we need to get more done with less. Unfortunately,

Winter is Coming

Are you ready? Have the preparations been made? Shovels sharpened and hearts hardened? Winter tires on the wagon? How about your telephone answering service? If you are like 20% of our customers, winter time means a significant increase in business, meaning more phone calls. Many forget to prepare between preparing the kids for school and

Collaboration Alert! Select Call and Aware 360 Safety Solutions

Select Call Centre and Aware 360 have joined forces to provide the most effective, reliable and advanced safety solutions for people who travel and work in at-risk situations. Select Call Centre’s history of excellent phone-based safety services combined with the great design and usability of Aware 360’s advanced safety monitoring technology results in a product

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