New Communication Strategy
New Year. New Budget. New Strategy?

As we roll into a new decade, it is time to reflect on how our businesses are operating. At Select, we have been transitioning some of our staff to remote working situations. After a few hiccups in implementation, everything is now running smoothly and our team is much happier with the option to work from

Property Manager handing over keys
Property Managed Properly

Property managers and call centres go together like peanut butter and jelly (or bananas if you prefer). If you are a property manager, which I suspect you are if you are reading this, then surely you have dealt with a call centre before. How was your experience? Anyone who has been in the property management

Winter is Coming

Are you ready? Have the preparations been made? Shovels sharpened and hearts hardened? Winter tires on the wagon? How about your telephone answering service? If you are like 20% of our customers, winter time means a significant increase in business, meaning more phone calls. Many forget to prepare between preparing the kids for school and

How Select Call Supports Real Estate Agents

If you’re a Real Estate Agent, you know very well the unique challenges that come with the busy schedule, time out of the office, irregular work hours and time spent alone (to name a few.) Here are Select Call Centre we understand the pain points that can come with the challenges noted above: late and/or

Benefits of Call Centre Appointment Booking Services

Many service-based businesses rely on clients booking appointments. From lawyer consultations to spa treatments, missing an opportunity to schedule an appointment with a customer means not only losing the sale but also potentially losing the customer forever should they choose to call the next on the list. This is where our Appointment Booking Services really

Customer Service Tips for Property Managers

With more and more tenants turning to online review sites like, Google, Facebook, and Yelp, it is more important now, than ever before to provide your building tenants with exceptional customer service. Unfavorable reviews online can deter great tenants from renting in one, or any of your buildings, even if the online review provides false

Taking Appointments The Select Call Centre Way

If your business books appointments, this article is for you! Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to book appointments? With our process below, you or your staff will be taking appointment information with polite efficiency so that your customers and clients feel that their time, and loyalty, are

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