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Where Do We Add Value?


When your callers can’t reach you, they will call your competitor. But what if when they called you, not only did they get the answers they were looking for, they also were able to make an appointment then and there, ending their search for service on you? This is a part of what we can provide you.


If you’re on a job, you can’t (or shouldn’t) answer a call. Not only does it look bad if the customer is watching you, but it also breaks your concentration and increases the chances of making a mistake. Remove the problem by hiring Select as an extension of your business.


Your customers will get a full service reception every time they pick up the phone to call you. On top of that, we can even make follow up calls to measure their satisfaction with your service. A follow up will increase the amount of repeat business you get because your customers will see how much you care about them.


When’s the last time you had to answer a call during dinner? How about a call that pulled you away from an important family event? With Select handling your customer service reception 24/7, you can take some time to focus on life, free from being on-call while still capturing all of the business that comes knocking on your phone.

Case Study

The Problem
A man with a painting business starting hearing from his friends about how difficult he was to get a hold of. He realized that if his friends couldn’t contact him, any leads definitely could not. His webform caught some people, but how much business was he losing by sending people to his voicemail?

The Set Up
After contacting Select, we used our discovery process to find out the questions his customers would be asking, and the answers he would give them. He was using a Google mail program that we were able to access and make appointments in. We even set up a separate business line for him so that he could keep his business and personal calls separated.

The Integration
The on-boarding process was very quick and easy. His needs were quite straightforward and within a couple business days we were ready to go live. Once active, he was receiving a couple lead-related calls a day on average. When he saw how straight-forward the process was, he decided to add in a service follow up to his account.

The Problem Solved
Now his business is running very smoothly. The pain of random interruptions that he had believed were “just a part of business” had dropped off. His schedule was filling up without having to worry about administration and organization. His business has grown, his repeat business rate is up, and it only costs him a fraction of one more job a month to cover the cost. Everything after that that can go straight to the “new income” category of your books.

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