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Is Select Call a Canadian call centre?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Select Call a Canadian call centre?

Yes, Select Call is a Canadian call centre service provider based in Alberta with locations in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Brooks – with remote operations throughout Canada. Learn more about Select Call.

Yes, call centers are indeed popular in Canada. The country boasts a robust call center industry that caters to various sectors such as customer service, technical support, and sales. Canada’s bilingual population, adept communication skills, and strong language proficiency in both English and French contribute to its appeal. The government’s support through incentives, favorable time zones for extended service hours, and advanced technology infrastructure further enhance the industry’s growth. Canada’s reputation for quality service, coupled with its role as an outsourcing hub, positions it as an attractive destination for call center operations. The industry’s adaptability, seen in the increased adoption of remote work during the pandemic, underscores its significance in providing essential customer support and contributing to the nation’s economy.

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