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What are the services provided by a non-voice call center?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by a non-voice call center?

Non-voice call centers help people who have questions or problems with a product. However, instead of using phones to speak to customers, they use different ways to communicate such as emails, live chats, and social media interactions. Non-voice call centers also use technology to help them do their job, like software that helps them keep track of customer information.

A non-voice call center, also known as a digital call center or a contact center, refers to a call center that uses digital channels such as email, chat, social media, or SMS to communicate with customers. Here are some benefits of a non-voice call center:

  1. Cost-effective: Non-voice call centers can be more cost-effective than traditional voice-based call centers. They require less equipment and infrastructure, and agents can handle multiple inquiries simultaneously, leading to more efficient use of resources.
  2. Improved customer service: Non-voice channels can provide customers with more flexibility and convenience when contacting a company. Customers can use their preferred channel to communicate, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  3. Increased accessibility: Non-voice channels can improve accessibility for customers with disabilities, such as hearing impairments, who may have difficulty communicating over the phone.
  4. Enhanced efficiency: Agents can handle multiple inquiries at the same time, which can lead to faster response times and increased productivity.
  5. Better analytics: Non-voice channels can provide more detailed analytics than traditional voice-based call centers. This can help companies to track customer behaviour and preferences, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve their customer service.


Overall, non-voice call centers offer several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, improved customer service, increased accessibility, enhanced efficiency, better analytics, and multilingual support. By using digital channels to communicate with customers, companies can provide a more personalized and convenient customer service experience, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

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