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What is the difference between warm and cold transfer?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between warm and cold transfer?

Warm and cold transfer refers to two different methods of transferring a phone call from one person to another.

A cold transfer occurs when the person transferring the call forwards the call to another person without any prior communication or introduction. The recipient of the call may not be expecting the call or may not have any information about the caller or the reason for the call. Cold transfers are typically used in situations where the recipient is already familiar with the caller or when the caller has requested to speak with the recipient directly.

On the other hand, a warm transfer involves introducing the caller to the recipient before transferring the call. The person transferring the call will typically provide the recipient with some information about the caller and the reason for the call and may even initiate a brief conversation between the two parties before transferring the call. Warm transfers are often used in situations where the recipient may not be familiar with the caller, or when the caller is a new or important contact.

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