Meet Chris.

A field manager looking to manage alerts and keep field employees safe.

Industrial girl with many phone notifications
Too many alerts

When alerts go off in the field, Chris and her entire team gets called - even if it's a low priority notification like a change in temperature.

Industrial employee working with Select Call
Select's solution

Chris contacted Select and learned about ways to manage field notifications, with the goal of removing distraction from her field staff and keeping them safe.

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No false alarms

Alert calls come in through Select and are filtered back to on-call staff as texts (non-urgent) and calls (high priority alerts such as a detected H2S leak).

Industrial oil and gas employee ok sign
Keeping safe

With everything set up, Chris knows her on-call field staff are able to work safely without distraction, able to focus on the job-at-hand.

Be like Chris.

Safety can be this simple.

By letting Select take care of her phone system, she’s able to:

  • Keep notifications managed during all hours of the day among all assigned staff
  • Ensure her staff aren’t distracted by non-urgent phone call alerts
  • Make sure her on-call staff are safe and focused
Industrial oil and gas employee standing on mechanic box

What else can we do for industrial services?

Work alone/journey management

We specialize in work alone and journey management services to keep your employees safe and ensure regulatory compliance.

Quick response

On the field, time is everything. With over 50 years in the industry, we know how to get you set up with the service you need that will save you time and money.

Advanced analytics

We offer in-depth reporting to keep up with call trends. We'll know when your busy and quiet seasons are, and be ready to act for both - saving your bottom line.

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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