Meet Ryan.

An IT manager with a server problem.

IT manager server crash
Call crunch

When a server goes down, the calls come in. Ryan's staff get bombarded with calls while they're trying to fix the problem - what can they do?

IT manager working with Select Call
Select can solve it

Ryan reached out to Select and learned how we can help manage support calls during an outage and provide level one tech support.

Select Call Phone Logo
Focus on fixing

With the system in place, calls go to our team when a technical issue happens - allowing Ryan's team to focus on fixing the problem itself.

IT manager number one boss
#1 boss

Without the stress of phone calls coming in, Ryan's team is able to solve problems faster and without distraction. His employees also gave him a "best boss" mug - go Ryan!

Be like Ryan.

Don’t let phone calls stop you from getting work done.

By letting Select take care of his phone, he’s able to:

  • Not worry about the influx of calls when a disaster occurs
  • Focus on the job-at-hand and managing his team
  • Provide better customer service to clients who call
IT manager with phone and laptop

What else can we do for IT + tech support businesses?

Level one support

Our team is fully trained to provide simple technical support, ensuring you only get the more complex calls.

On-call support

Your on-call staff won't have to worry about random calls at all hours if our team is managing and filtering your calls.

Adaptable team

We have 50 agents on our team ready to take on any spike in call volume resulting from emergencies or downtime.

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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