Meet Jen.

A property manager and single mother in need of more time.

Property manager time crunch
Not enough time in the day

While Jen loves being a property manager, she often gets calls from residents after hours making a work-life balance challenging.

Property manager calling Select Call
Supported by Select

Jen reached out to Select to provide after-hours support for her properties. After a quick setup, she was ready to take back her time.

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Emergencies only

Residents calls are answered by the Select team - with only emergency calls being routed directly to Jen. Non-emergencies come through as texts that Jen can check at any time.

Property manager spending time with daughter
Quality time

Jen got back her free time - allowing her to spend more time with her daughter, focus on her hobbies, and look into acquiring another property!

Be like Jen.

Jen knows what matters most in life.

By letting Select take care of her phone, she’s able to:

  • Take back her after-hours time for the things that matter most
  • Save money on a full-time receptionist
  • Avoid missing important calls from potential new residents
  • Improve relations with residents through exceptional 24/7 customer service
Property manager hero

What else can we do for property managers?

Emergency handling

When a heater goes down, we're ready to take on the spike in calls you're sure to receive. We'll let residents know the problem is being fixed so you can focus on the problem itself.

Problem solving

We take care of the issues that can be resolved in one call. Our team proactively solves simple problems for clients, forwarding over only the more complex technical issues.

Win new tenants

We can help you win over new tenants by providing the info they need in a friendly phone call and working with your calendar to schedule a tour.

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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