Meet Angela.

A volunteer coordinator with a gap in call answering.

Social services worker with volunteer schedule
Donation drive

Angela loves working with her volunteers, but there are times when none of them are available to answer the phones for donations.

Social services worker coordinating volunteers
Select can help

Angela emailed us and learned how we can help cover the gaps in service that volunteers can't - and how variable pricing ensures her costs stay minimal.

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Calls answered

When volunteers aren't available, we answer any calls Angela's organization receives - ensuring donation calls are not missed.

Social services worker thankful
Campaign success

Angela has seen a 20% increase in donations in the first month working together with us. Now she's considering going to full 24/7 call answering in the near future!

Be like Angela.

Angela knows how to manage calls and volunteers.

By letting Select take care of her organization’s calls, she’s able to:

  • Increase donations during times when volunteers aren’t available
  • Ensure that her organization is funded optimally
  • Spend more time with her in-person volunteers
Social services worker thumbs up

What else can we do for social services and non-profits?

Sensitive information

With decades of experience in the social services sector, we're ready for your sensitive matters. We're also fully FOIP compliant.

Overflow handling

When your lines are busy, we can take on the slack ensuring that every caller gets a live agent any time of day. Take a long lunch today, we've got it covered!

Problem solving

We take care of the issues that can be resolved in one call. Our team proactively solves simple problems for clients, forwarding over only the more complex technical issues.

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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