Meet Mike.

A tour operator with a burning phone.

Tour guide on phone
Tour troubles

Business is good, but Mike is getting a lot of calls asking about tours while he's out with clients - which they don't appreciate.

Tour operator connecting with Select Call
Great 'Select'ion

Mike learned how Select can help take care of calls, bookings and questions from potential customers while he's busy with clients.

Select Call Phone Logo
Bountiful bookings

After signing up, Select started taking calls for Mike - setting up bookings in his calendar and answering questions about the tour service.

Tour operator with happy tourists
Happy travels

Mike can focus on spending quality time with his clients - increasing his business' and earning him a 5* rating on a popular tourism website.

Be like Mike.

Mike knows his clients want the full experience.

By letting Select take care of his calls, he’s able to:

  • Take back time better spent focusing on in-person clients
  • Improve the tour experience for clients 
  • Increase sales by having Select do bookings over the phone
Tour operator holding map icon

How else can we help tourism and travel industries?

Calls > computers

Be available to every age range of customers by having a phone solution. We'll always leave a good impression on callers.

First class experience

Provide the best experience to your customers with an award-winning answering service. We'll make sure they get the best treatment.

Clinch the competition

If you don't answer, your competition might! Win over more clients by having us answer your calls and provide all the info they need to book today!

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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