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Safety & Tracking


Safety Program

Understanding the safety needs and having the fail-safe systems in place to meet your teams standards for safety and peace of mind is our first priority. This video will explain what our service looks like.

Work Alone & Lone Worker

Work Alone (a.k.a. Lone Worker) programs are built to ensure the safety of people working in dangerous or remote situations, where reaction time could be critical. These programs require a hardware solution (typically a mobile phone or spot device) and live monitoring service to ensure that the moment any problems might arise, the appropriate response protocol is initiated.

Traditional Solutions
For 100% assurance that your people and things are protected, the traditional call and response system is the best method you can utilize. Text message systems can also be utilized depending on your preference.

App Integration
There are several work alone application options on the market. We integrate with any existing application you may be using, while also having our own comprehensive solutions for businesses that do not currently have a system in place. We make it our business to adapt to your specific requirements.

Who We Monitor
We assist people in a wide range of circumstances, including: social workers, oil and gas, truckers, mining, forestry, medical professionals, electricians, and more. We have tested and true solutions for every industry requiring work alone monitoring.

Journey Management

Transportation of goods, and the people transporting those goods, require monitoring and care. Knowing there is someone watching (when you are doing something dangerous) can be comforting. Knowing the watchers are well-trained and experienced is assuring.

Land Journeys
Track and record the journeys of your people and things. Reporting capabilities enable increased levels of accountability, analyses of ideal routing, and improved overall awareness of your operation. We periodically check in throughout the journey to make sure everything is ok, receive updates about adverse weather/road conditions, and just to inject a friendly voice into the trip.

Air Journeys
If you are a pilot, or have pilots on staff, you will really enjoy our service. We provide regulatory compliance through a seamless integration, and our team is always friendly and efficient when communicating and reporting.

Sea Journeys
Select can track your assets and people as they travel by sea. Utilizing spot-check devices, RFID chips, and our well-trained staff, you know the who, when, and where of your organization at all times.

Incident Reporting
When something happens, whether it be an accident, the destruction of property, or something that will involve the insurance companies, we can facilitate the reporting process to ensure things are done properly and thoroughly, making sure the bad doesn’t get worse.

Asset Tracking

Understanding where the inputs for your business are, and when they might be held up, is extremely valuable. In many industries, a tightly managed supply chain with up to the minute information creates a strong competitive advantage. Forecasting, customer service, and cash flow analysis can all benefit from the tracking of assets.

Select Call Centre can assist you to monitor and notify you of any hold-ups, arrivals, or other pertinent notifications.

Reach out to us to discuss how Select can integrate our asset tracking service into your business to save you time and money.

Regulatory Compliance

Select Call Centre meets and exceeds all regulations in Alberta for Working Alone Protection. The details of these regulations are here.

Select Call Centre meets also complies with all Journey management recommendations and regulations in the Province of Alberta. These guidelines can be found here.

Select Call Centre complies with both Alberta’s Provincial Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA), and the Canadian Federal Government’s Personal Information Privacy and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA).




Customer Feedback

Hazmat is very pleased with the performance and immediate dispatch to our Hazmat on-call responders. We are confident that this form of service from Select Call Centre will continue to be a part of our organization for years to come.

Barry Lesiuk – Hazmat Chief D.G.I.C., Haz-Tech., EMR

Our Helicopter Business is very pleased with the service provided by Select Call Centre. They always are very prompt and friendly and follow all of our required procedures. We have been using them for our employees traveling alone. We feel reassured knowing they are keeping track of our employees. We plan to continue using them for sure! We have nothing but good things to say!

Maureen Churchill – Helicopter Business