Automated & Interactive Services

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services for giving great service at a lower cost.

How can automated and interactive services help your business?

Select Call Centre’s Automated & Interactive Services are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. Our state-of-the-art Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and advanced automation technologies are designed to streamline your operations, ensuring efficient and effective customer engagement. With our solutions, businesses can enjoy the benefits of reduced operational costs, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced service efficiency.

Our services include user-friendly IVR systems, which provide customers with quick and accurate responses to their inquiries, and automated services that handle routine tasks, allowing your staff to focus on more complex issues. These automated solutions are perfect for managing high call volumes, ensuring that every customer call is answered promptly and professionally. With Select Call Centre, experience the convenience of modern technology coupled with exceptional customer service.

Improved Business Operations

Increase sales and improve customer service by providing 24/7 self-service options to your clients.

Lower Costs

Reduce costs by automating routine processes and using agents for higher-value roles. Our IVR packages start at only $15 per month!

Managed Call Volumes

Manage high call volumes and enhance the caller experience no matter the situation.

Advanced Reporting

Customizable reports for call volume, call status, call duration and much more. Know your trends to help your business in the future.

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Implementing and managing IVR infrastructure can be complex and expensive, but it doesn't have to be.

Equipment costs, engineering costs, related installation, configuration, integration and ongoing maintenance can be onerous. Therefore outsourcing IVR applications can dramatically reduce costs.

In addition to these services, our automated and interactive solutions offer comprehensive reporting features, giving businesses insights into call volumes, call status, and customer preferences. This data is invaluable for making informed decisions and tailoring services to meet customer needs more effectively. Select Call Centre is committed to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed your business requirements, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and your customers remain satisfied.

IVR Benefits and Use Cases

Quick Setup

Depending on the complexity of your setup, we can get you set up and working with IVR in as little as 24 hours of your initial call and sign-on.

Work Alone Safety

A worker can text in “check-in” or “check-out” at specific custom intervals. The program reads these messages and record the time of notification. If the text is not received within the specified time interval, a call is made.

Enhanced Call Forwarding

A call is first sent to the primary phone. If unanswered after X amount of rings (2,3,4, custom) it will begin ringing at a secondary number, a third, etc. This is a good measure to ensure a call never goes unanswered.

Timed Transfer

At specified times of day, the number will ring on different phones, eliminating the need for manual call forwarding.

On-Call Genie

Combining timed transfer and enhanced call forwarding with an on-call scheduler, the system will automatically reach your on-call people in the order they are listed.

Local Presence

A local number and mailbox can help your international company have a local presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call centre services are highly customizable to accommodate specific contractor needs and preferences. Contractors can work closely with call centre providers to tailor services based on their industry, service offerings, communication channels, and volume requirements.

For example, contractors can specify the types of inquiries they want call centre agents to handle, whether it’s appointment scheduling, lead generation, emergency dispatching, or customer inquiries. Contractors can also define their preferred communication channels, such as phone calls, live chat, or email.

Additionally, call centre services can be scaled up or down based on fluctuations in call volume during different seasons or business cycles. Customization ensures that contractors receive the level of support that aligns with their business objectives and enhances their overall efficiency and customer service.

Call centre services play a significant role in collecting customer feedback and analyzing it to drive improvements. Through post-call surveys, feedback forms, or scripted questions, call centre representatives gather valuable insights directly from customers. Call centre providers employ analytics tools to analyze feedback data, identify trends, and generate actionable reports for businesses. This enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify areas for improvement, and enhance customer satisfaction by addressing concerns and continuously refining their products, services, or processes based on customer feedback.

At Select Call, customer feedback is highly valued as it helps us improve our services continuously. We actively collect feedback through various channels, such as post-call surveys, email surveys, and online feedback forms. Our dedicated customer feedback team reviews and analyzes the feedback received, identifying areas for improvement and trends in customer satisfaction or concerns. The insights gathered are shared with relevant teams and stakeholders within the organization, driving improvements in training, processes, and overall service delivery. By listening to our customers and taking their feedback into account, we can enhance our services to better meet their needs and expectations.

At Select Call, we understand the importance of minimizing wait times and hold queues to provide a seamless customer experience. We closely monitor call volumes and staffing levels to ensure an appropriate agent-to-customer ratio. We leverage advanced call routing technologies and efficient queuing systems to distribute calls effectively and minimize waiting times. Additionally, we continuously analyze data and trends to identify peak call periods and allocate resources accordingly. By employing these strategies, we aim to provide prompt and efficient assistance, reducing wait times and hold queues to ensure a positive customer experience.

Gathering customer feedback is an integral part of Select Call’s commitment to continuous improvement. We employ various methods to collect customer feedback, such as post-call surveys, email surveys, and online feedback forms. This feedback is analyzed to identify areas of improvement and address any gaps in our services. Customer insights are shared with relevant teams and stakeholders to drive improvements in training, processes, and overall service delivery. By actively seeking and utilizing customer feedback, Select Call ensures an ongoing cycle of learning and enhancement to meet and exceed customer expectations.