Call Answering Services

Call answering service focused on improving customer service – including overflow, reception coverage, after hours support, and more.

We’re your friend on the phone.

Whether you’re looking for great customer service full time, after hours, or for busy times – we’ve got a phone answering service solution for your unique needs.

Allow our call center agents to:

  • Answer calls based on your guidelines, including screening and transferring calls;
  • Take messages for you and direct them to you however you prefer (call, text, email);
  • Provide information and support to your clients.
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Why do you need a call answering service?

select call centre - call centre services, call answering, virtual receptionist, ivr, lone worker and journey management, outbound services in canada

Your phones are ringing

A sign of a healthy business is a lot of phone calls that need to be answered live. It means new business is calling in, old customers are coming back, and more people want to connect with you. But how can you find the time and focus to answer these calls? A one person in house team can’t handle it alone, especially when they have other, more pressing tasks to take care of.

You need people to answer calls

When machines answer calls, people hang up. Never miss another call. With a quality call centre, your calls are answered live, by human agents, within seconds. When your callers have their call answered like that, they give a sigh of relief.

They need the right information

Answering a call in the middle of working on another job, or even driving, makes closing new business less likely. In order for a call to work well, you need an environment without background noise, access to the information the caller needs, and the ability to finalize an appointment then and there.

You need to communicate well

More and more businesses are learning that the personal touch of actual human interaction can make all the difference in generating more business. Go with an award winning call centre for a better customer experience.

Phone Answering Service Features

Overflow Service

Getting too many calls? Let us answer the overflow and make sure your customer doesn't get the dreaded busy signal.

Reception Coverage

We'll take care of any reception absence - whether from illness, vacation, meeting, or other need.

After Hours Support

When you finish for the day, let our team continue taking your calls and bringing you business.

Cost Savings

You only pay for what you use. Save on payroll, training, benefits and more by bringing us aboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contractors, across various industries, face the challenge of managing complex schedules and appointments. Call answering services provide a streamlined solution by acting as a centralized scheduling hub. When clients contact the call centre to book appointments or inquire about availability, agents access the contractor’s schedule in real-time.

Agents are equipped with advanced scheduling software that enables them to view open time slots, allocate appointments, and send immediate confirmations to clients. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling and prevents double-bookings or scheduling conflicts.

Moreover, call answering services can manage cancellations or rescheduling requests, ensuring that the contractor’s schedule remains optimized. Contractors receive regular updates and summaries of their daily appointments, allowing them to plan their day efficiently.

By entrusting scheduling tasks to a call answering service, contractors can allocate more time to their core activities, enhance customer satisfaction through prompt appointments, and reduce the administrative burden associated with managing schedules.

Certainly! Call answering services are reliable for providing round-the-clock technical support for your software or application. These services are designed to ensure that no matter when your customers need assistance—be it day or night—someone is always available to help. A call-answering service can manage a wide range of user inquiries, effectively troubleshoot technical issues, and provide essential user guidance.

Integrating a 24/7 call answering service into your customer support strategy ensures that your clients receive prompt and professional assistance anytime. This continuous support can significantly enhance user satisfaction and trust in your product, as customers appreciate immediate help whenever they encounter problems or have questions.

Furthermore, utilizing a call answering service for your software or app extends your ability to provide non-stop support. Knowing that customer support is well-handled lets your in-house team focus on other critical tasks. This can lead to better resource management and improved efficiency within your business.

Investing in a 24/7 call answering service is a strategic decision that can elevate your customer service, enhance user experience, and contribute positively to your brand reputation. To get the best results, choose a service provider specializing in technical support and has experience with software or app products.

Some call answering services can assist with order fulfillment, shipping, and tracking inquiries. They can access order details, provide status updates, coordinate with logistics partners, and address customer inquiries related to product delivery.

Yes, call answering services are equipped to handle calls for businesses with multiple locations. They can customize call handling instructions based on the specific needs of each location, ensuring a seamless experience for callers regardless of the branch they are reaching.

The setup time for a call answering service can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your call handling requirements and the service provider’s onboarding process. Typically, once you have signed up and provided the necessary information, the call answering service can begin handling calls within a few days to a week.