Lone worker and journey management solutions for safety and success

Employees like nurses, home care professionals, oilfield personnel, construction personnel and utility workers need regular communication and safety monitoring to ensure they’re safe on the job.

Help ensure the health and safety of your employee’s journey management or those working alone.

Journey Management planning

Lone Worker

Workers check in with our 24/7 live operators at the start of their shift and are sent check in reminders during the shift, and to check out at the end of their shift.

Journey Management

Workers contact us from their home/office and tell us that they are traveling from point A to point B and when they expect to be there - allowing us to set up times and checkpoints for contact throughout.

Ask us about building a customized health and safety program for your lone worker or travelling employees!

Keeping your lone worker and traveling staff safe.

Our lone worker + journey management solutions can be customized to your organization’s and worker’s specific needs.


App or Call-Based Check-ins

Your staff can call, text or use a smartphone app to check in with our call centre staff - whatever's most convenient.

Incident Reporting

Report any incidents through our service and we'll ensure it goes through the proper process you have established.

Order of Priority

If we can’t reach your employee, we try the next contact on your list, and so on until we reach someone and the worker can be checked in on.

Compliance with Regulations

Be compliant with all provincial and federal regulations and provide the professional safety protocols for your team.

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