How can virtual reception help your business?

Your phone is where new business opportunities find you. With a strong virtual reception team on your side, every opportunity coming in on the phone can be captured and converted.​

In an age of constant communication, it can be challenging to keep up with the endless flow of emails, texts, and webchat related requests. Virtual receptionists can help your business stay responsive to every open channel you have.​

Whatever system you are using, a virtual receptionist can adapt to it and keep you organized. When a virtual receptionist is closing deals for you, the service pays for itself, and then some.​

Processing payments through the phone can open your business up to a wider demographic and help you convert more of those sales in the moment.​

A virtual receptionist will learn all about your business and have that information ready to share whenever your customers reach out to you. Your callers won't even realize it is a virtual receptionist they're talking to.​


Virtual Reception Features

Appointment Booking

We can book appointments for you on the very first call - simplifying your calendar.

Order/Donation Taking

We can take orders and donations including payment processing, even when your business is closed.

Question Answering

We'll answer your clients questions that you provide the answers to.

Technical Support

We can provide level one tech support to help resolve issues.

Live Chat

We'll operate your online chat services, bringing you more business during and after hours.


We can provide outbound calling for surveys and reminders to clients/staff.

What does Virtual Reception cost?​

Nowadays, over 85% of businesses are competing on customer service.
Having a (quality) virtual receptionist helps you deliver consistent, high-quality customer service 24 hours a day - bringing in more business and making you more money.


Business as usual

Miss important calls
Costs through lost business
Spend your time on admin


Virtual receptionist

24/7 Service
Paid more, costs you less
An entire team (40+ people)

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In-house receptionist

40 hours a week
Low hourly wage
Single person

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