Pricing to the second

You only pay for the time we spend on your account, to the second. We do not round up on your billable time.

No hidden fees

We do not hide any fees in small print. No holiday fees, tech fees, or any other fees. We are up-front and transparent, always.

No long-term contracts

You are not locked into our service. We have a 30-day cancellation period, and there are never any penalties for cancelling.

12-Week Introductory Flat Rates

Our current promotion is designed to help us get to know each other. You get a feel for us while we build and perfect your account over the 12 weeks.
After 12 weeks, you’ll be wondering how you ever got by without us.

Select Plans

Answering Service

$40/ wk

Virtual Reception

$70/ wk


$100/ wk

24 Hour Coverage
Text + Email Messaging
12 Week Flat Rate
Custom On-Hold Experience
Toll-Free Number
Dynamic Call Forwarding
Schedule Integration
Advanced Analytics
Custom Intake Form
Inbound Survey Collection
Lone Worker
Journey Management
CRM / ERP Integration
Dedicated Agents

All accounts are billed every 4 weeks and include a $50 one-time setup fee and 5% GST.

Have questions?

We’re ready and waiting for your call.

Message us or call us to see just how responsive we are, and will be for your callers.

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